At Town Center Preschool, we proudly embrace the renowned High/Scope approach in early childhood education. We believe that children are natural, active learners who are constantly engaged in meaningful experiences throughout the day. Our curriculum incorporates the High/Scope wheel of learning, encompassing key elements such as assessment, adult-child interaction, learning environment, and the daily routine.

Through our curriculum, children are exposed to a diverse range of key experiences that promote their holistic development. From creative expression and music and movement to literacy, classification, and seriation, our carefully crafted activities cater to the varied interests and learning styles of each child. We understand that children learn best when they are actively involved and interested in what they’re doing.

Our dedicated teachers serve as facilitators in the learning process, ensuring that children have access to the necessary materials and opportunities for growth. They engage with the children, guiding and supporting their exploration and discovery. Through the plan-do-review process, an integral part of the High/Scope approach, we provide a structured framework that brings a sense of purpose and closure to each active learning experience. This empowers children to reflect on their achievements, set goals, and make meaningful connections between their experiences and new knowledge.

We wholeheartedly believe in the power of the High/Scope approach to foster a love for learning and cultivate essential skills in young children. By embracing this proven methodology, our students receive so much more than just traditional education. They become active learners, developing critical thinking, problem-solving, and social-emotional skills that will benefit them throughout their lives.

Experience the transformative impact of our High/Scope-based curriculum at Town Center Preschool. Witness your child’s growth and development as they engage in dynamic, hands-on learning experiences that ignite their curiosity and set them on a path to lifelong success.


At Town Center Preschool, we take pride in offering comprehensive and exceptional infant programs that are specifically designed to cater to the needs of infants according to their age group. Our dedicated team of caregivers ensures that your little ones feel safe and secure by providing them with plenty of affection and attention. We make a point to respond to their cries promptly and provide them with a natural routine that suits their individual requirements. Our range of engaging activities and sensory experiences goes above and beyond to create an environment conducive to exploration and development. We expose infants to vibrant colors, various textures, and fascinating sounds, all of which aid in their cognitive development and tactile awareness. We also provide different tastes and textures in food to help them develop their sense of taste. Our experienced caregivers make sure to engage with infants in a variety of ways, from interacting with them face-to-face to reading to them. We also offer ample opportunities for movement and balance development through simple movements. At Town Center Preschool, we understand the importance of providing our infants with the utmost care and support for their growth and well-being. Therefore, we are committed to ensuring that your babies receive the appropriate care and support to foster their development.


At Town Center Preschool, we are passionate about providing an engaging and comprehensive curriculum for our beloved toddlers. We ensure that the activities we design are specifically tailored to their ages, maximizing their learning potential and enjoyment. Our curriculum is designed to help toddlers develop valuable skills, including decision making, number recognition, language acquisition, and more.

We take a holistic approach in our activities, engaging toddlers physically, intellectually, and socially. Our range of activities allows toddlers to explore different parts of themselves and their environments, from running and jumping to piecing together puzzles and stacking toys. We believe that the more a toddler engages their senses, the more effectively they are learning.

Part of our commitment to our precious toddlers involves daily tasks such as feeding and diapering, which we carry out with care and compassion. We are also dedicated to building trusting relationships with each toddler, seeking to show them that they are valuable individuals who are both capable and cared for by compassionate caregivers.

At Town Center Preschool, we are proud to provide toddlers with a safe and loving environment that stimulates their imaginations, inspires growth, and nurtures their hearts and minds.

2 Year Olds

Our specialized curriculum for two-year-olds is designed with their unique needs in mind. We prioritize language and social skills, hand-eye coordination, and a deep understanding of the world.

Our engaging activities encourage independence, allowing children to dress themselves and explore their surroundings. Through playful interactions with puppets, our experienced teachers create a nurturing environment where imagination thrives and communication blossoms.

 Physical development is essential, and our movement activities help children gain control over their large muscles while expressing themselves through music. We also introduce concepts like location, fostering spatial awareness and cognitive growth.

At Town Center Preschool, we provide a well-rounded learning experience that stimulates your child’s mind and supports their holistic growth. Join us as we build a strong foundation for your child’s future, nurturing their curiosity and preparing them for lifelong success.


At Town Center Preschool, we prioritize your child’s development and well-being through our high scope approach. Our goal is to provide a stimulating and engaging learning environment that prepares your child for future success.

Through the Creative Curriculum, we create room arrangements that inspire curiosity and promote active exploration. The High Scope approach ensures that every aspect of your child’s learning experience is carefully planned and executed. From structured time periods to integrated content areas, our curriculum is designed to ignite their love for learning.

At Town Center Preschool, we understand the importance of ongoing assessments to track your child’s progress. We foster critical thinking, cooperative learning, and emerging literacy skills, equipping your little one with a strong foundation for academic success. Concepts of number, oral language development, and self-worth are nurtured, allowing your child to develop independence, creative expression, and intrinsic motivation.

Our curriculum focuses on holistic development, emphasizing effective communication, fine and gross motor skills, socialization, self-help abilities, and cognitive growth. We strive to cultivate a positive self-concept in each child and foster meaningful interactions with their peers. Our caregivers follow responsive, consistent, and predictable routines, ensuring your child feels safe, supported, and valued.

Safety is our top priority at Town Center Preschool. We respect your child’s competence and capability, encouraging autonomy and self-regulation. Each child’s individuality is embraced, creating an inclusive and diverse community.

Elementary Education

Discover Town Center School, your premier destination for elementary education from Kinder to 5th grade. With small-group settings, personalized attention, and a supportive community, we ensure an exceptional learning experience.

We proudly participate in the Step Up for Students Scholarships program, making quality education accessible to all. Our afterschool program offers homework assistance, daily literacy instruction, and enriching activities like fitness, dance, yoga, and arts & crafts.

Experience our engaging winter, spring, and summer camps featuring thematic weeks, weekly field trips, academic and enrichment activities, and plenty of fun. Scholarships are available for School Readiness, Thrive by 5, Florida VPK, and Step Up for Students (FES, FES-UA, FTC, Hope).

At Town Center School, we believe in a well-rounded education that nurtures academic growth and character development. Our dedicated teachers prepare students for success, fostering a love for learning and critical thinking skills.

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Based on 11 reviews
Laura Savio
Laura Savio
Solo le doy 2 estrellas y no menos porque tuve la suerte de tener dos excelentes maestras en la clase de 2 años y de 3 años. Pero puse a mi bebe y la peor experiencia que no se la deseo a nadie. Mandar a un bebé a las 5pm con un pomo de fórmula preparada en la maleta y nadie saber si se alimentó o no? Cuando proteste me dijeron que tenia que comprar fórmula liquida 😐 en fin Muy grande y desorganizado. No recomiendo la escuela la directora de la parte escolar es demasiado mal educada.
Tomixtocix Roldan
Tomixtocix Roldan
The best childhood experience. Good school. So much activities to do.The best child care .
Alexander Nole
Alexander Nole
My kid goes and loves it there
Alisson Daza
Alisson Daza
Soo nice but a little of bullies
Marietta Castellanos
Marietta Castellanos
I am obsessed with how they treat my children and the curriculum that they have for VPK is extraordinary. I am very pleased. The teachers they have are a blessing.
SD Bal
SD Bal
My kids go to this school, overall we like it. The only detail is that teachers need to have more control over the kids hands, i know it is alot but sanitize it! Besides than that, my kids learned a olot and they adjust to our schedule.
Nimsaj T
Nimsaj T
My daughter has gone here since she was a couple months old, she is now 3 they have taught her so much even how to use the potty. I'm happy with this place they call if any kind of incident happens great place .
Tracy Shelowitz
Tracy Shelowitz
I sent my nieces to this school and feel secure that they are happy and thriving!
Lori Nussbaum
Lori Nussbaum
I am extremely happy with the school. My kids are both there and doing amazing. Wonderful staff and teachers.